Our toddler classes include our one and younger two year old children. These classes will participate in developmentally age appropriate activities geared to help promote their physical and cognitive awareness skills.


The All My Children toddler’s and two’s program follows the Creative Curriculum. By the time our children reach the toddler program, their days are more consistent and group oriented. Toddlers and two’s will typically eat and sleep as a group and have designated times for playing. Daily routines are used to help them feel more in control, competent, and secure. We understand the importance about being flexible and responding to an individual child’s needs and to maintain an unhurried pace each day.

Daily Routines:

  • Hellos and Goodbyes
  • Diapering and Toileting
  • Eating and Meal Times
  • Sleeping and Nap Time
  • Getting Dressed

Daily Experiences:

  • Playing with toys
  • Imitating and pretending
  • Enjoying stories and books
  • Connecting with music and movement
  • Creating with art
  • Tasting and preparing food
  • Exploring sand and water
  • Going outdoors