Masako Szwajkowski

Dear Ms. Bonnie & Mr. Jim:

It is Joe and Emma’s last day at AMC today. We want to thank-you for everything you have done for our children the past several years. The children and I will miss you greatly.

I especially appreciated your sensibility to working parents who need a reliable daycare center for their children. Even I big snow days, you opened the center for us with only a few hour delay. You organized a holiday party and graduation ceremony in the evening so that working parents and more family members can participate. You don’t even know how much it meant to us.

The children enjoyed various cultural and fun activities that you organized. While I know another daycare center which doesn’t celebrate any cultural events because of, I assume, a fear of excluding or offending someone, at AMC, you took every opportunity to celebrate multiculturalism, and our children learned a great deal from it.

I also appreciated you r high standard of academic achievement in each child at AMC. Not only were they taught the basics of English and math, they came home every day with something to show us such as arts and crafts, science and cute songs.

Thank-you again for the wonderful four years you gave to our children. I can recommend AMC to anyone who is looking for a high quality, fun, reliable daycare center for his/her


Masako Szwajkowski

 August 28, 2009