Our preschool classes consist of children from the age of three through the age of four with each class being separated by age. Our preschoolers are busy learning their readiness skills, learning through play and interacting with classmates. Preschool is a full-time program that includes caring for your child before and after our learning program has started and ended.


The Creative Curriculum for our preschool program is used for the planning and implementing of a developmentally age appropriate program. It helps children acquire social competence and the skills they need to succeed as learners. The program is designed in the form of a developmental continuum. Below lists each component of the continuum:

The Five Components:

  • How Children Develop and Learn –  Knowing how children grow and develop, selecting materials, and guiding children learning. We appreciate general patterns of growth in all children as well as the differences.
  • The Learning Environment – Organization of the classroom. We strive to constantly change the layout and materials presented in the classroom on a regular basis.
  • The Family’s Role – Home and school are a child’s two most important worlds. Our teacher’s truly value the family’s role in a child’s education, and recognize how much they can accomplish by working with families, and can build a true partnership.
  • The Teacher’s Role – The teacher is engaged in an ongoing cycle of observing, guiding, learning, and assessing children’s progress. Teachers interact with children continuously and make decisions about when and how to respond to meet individual and group needs.
  • What Children Learn – Teaching to the standards. Our teacher’s are required to tie their activities to the state developed standards.