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On occasion I’m asked about whether we provide a nap time.  We do provide for a nap time for every age group and in our opinion it is an essential part of a child’s growth and development. To support our philosophy on the importance of nap time we have researched and found an article that we would like to share. The article can be found on , the most visited site devoted to chi...
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Nine Steps

Welcome to the inaugural first edition of Ms. Bonnie’s Blog! I’m excited to be able to share some of my thoughts and hopefully wisdom that I have accumulated over the years since I first began “All My Children” as far back as 1983. The excitement of our new and improved website now allows for me to share some ideas and suggestions that I hope you all will find useful and entertaining. I...
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What Should Preschoolers Drink?

This is a question I’m often asked by parents. Almost two years to the day we initiated a service to our families by offering our current lunch program. The lunch program provides lunches to our enrolled children from our young toddlers through our school age children. The lunch program has been a huge success, not only does it provide a huge convenience for parents at an affordable cost but the...
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Biting Toddlers can often be found doing amazing things such as giving unexpected hugs and laughing hysterically but at times they can be found to do some not so adorable things such as kicking, screaming and biting. Biting is actually a common trait found in children this age. As a parent there is little consolation if your toddler bites. Worse yet, parents whose children are labeled as suc...
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